Online Tutoring & Mentoring Program – tutoring

Greetings UCLA Engineering Affiliate School students!

Welcome to Engineering Science Corps’ Online Tutoring & Mentoring Program at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. This website is your portal to free online tutoring for your calculus, chemistry, computer science, math, and/or physics courses as well as support for your engineering technical projects.

To access the tutoring forums, please follow these directions:

  • Request your teacher register you with UCLA Online Tutoring & Mentoring Program
    • Participants cannot access the system without being authorized by your teacher.
    • Teachers from Affiliate Schools can email requests to Engineering Science Corps program staff.
  • You will receive an email from UCLA Common Collaboration & Learning Environment (CCLE) inviting you to enroll in Online Tutoring & Mentoring Program Tutor Forums, once you are enrolled.
  • You will need to to create a UCLA Logon ID.  To create your UCLA Logon ID, please click this link.
  • Now that you have your UCLA Logon ID, follow the link provided to you in the email from UCLA CCLE and enroll in the appropriate course: