The UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science (HSSEAS) in conjunction with the Engineering Science Corps Outreach Program offers an eight-week summer program where it encourages all of its high school participants to consider a future in engineering. We offer research opportunities in all areas of Engineering and partner our students with a UCLA Engineering Professor and a graduate team (daily lab supervisors). Students conduct their research on the UCLA campus in UCLA Engineering Labs and Facilities. Individual research or a group project will be assigned to the students for the eight-week program.

The High School Summer Research Program is funded by the Nicholas Endowment. Thanks to new funding from the Henry Samueli Foundation, we are now able to expand our program to support approximately 60 students.

The 2015 HSSRP Application is closed.  The 2016 application will open December 2015.

Presentations from UCLA Engineering Faculty

Each week of the program, students have the opportunity to attend a catered lunch presentation by a UCLA Engineering professor and to listen to and ask questions on their research. This great opportunity opens students' eyes to the other fields of Engineering and its applications that they may not already be familiar with.

Lunches with Deans

Program participants also have a rare opportunity to sit down and have lunch with Dean Dhir. Dean Dhir talks to students about the 8 nationally funded research centers here at UCLA HSSEAS. In addition, HSSRP students sit down and have lunch with Associate Dean Wesel. Associate Dean Wesel shares his own engineering experiences as well as teach some basic principles of physics.

Lab Tours

The objective of the Lab Tour is to see the physical lab space and hear about the amazing projects happening in other HSSRP Labs. Students are given a survey to rank their new engineering interest. HSSRP students ranked the other HSSRP labs by professor and department. We try to match first choices for professors and then by departments. HSSRP students will host a Lab Tour for at least one other HSSRP student. In return, the same HSSRP students will be given a Lab Tour by one of their HSSRP peers. During these tours, hosting HSSRP students show off lab space, show off equipment, discuss thier personal HSSRP projects, introduce lab mates, introduce other lab projects, and take pictures of actions in lab.

Academic Workshops

Workshops are available to all HSSRP students, both residents and commuters (even parents). A lot of valuable information will is given out during the workshop, and everyone is urged to participate.

Poster Workshop

Graduate students are hired to teach HSSRP students how to write and create an engineering graphic presentation of their results from summer research. The poster session is a great opportunity to ask for second opinions from additional PhD students, work with fellow students and lab mates, receive advice on design and layout, and clarify any questions and uncertainties.

UC Personal Statement Workshop

College application and admission process is brand new to most students and can often get overwhelming. However, with the right information and by planning ahead, the workload can become less intimidating and the progress can be smoother. This workshop brings in UC readers to share what they are looking for in a strong and persuasive UC personal statement.

Participate in Laboratory Research & Create a Scientific Poster of your Research

Each day of the 8-week program, students spend at least 6 hours in their mentor's lab either working on a specific project assigned to them or working alongside graduate and undergraduate students. Mentors are requested to keep program participants working for any 6 hours between the program's Hours of Operation: 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Many times, mentors will assign program participants to one of his or her graduate students inside the laboratory. Mentors will meet with program participants periodically to measure progress and address any participant questions.

Program participants attend four classroom sessions focused on creating a professional scientific poster. The classes help students prepare their own scientific poster on their research and learn how to successfully present them during a scientific poster session. Scientific posters are necessary in an engineering student's academic career. This program allows high school students to get a head start in their engineering experience.

Research and Posters produced by HSSRP Students: 2014, 2013

Journal Club

A major component of performing research is to read and learn new research trends from peer journal articles. In the HSSRP Journal Club, students will read and decipher pertinent journal articles given to them by their daily lab supervisors. Theses journal articles will provide the foundational understanding necessary for HSSRP students to complete their summer research project. HSSRP students will present the major findings of the journal article and outline to their peers the nature and scope of their HSSRP research project in weekly journal club sessions. This allows students to practice presenting their research to their HSSRP peers before doing so in the Symposium.

Participate in a Scientific Poster Symposium

On the final day of the 8-week program, participants will deliver their research in a scientific poster session. Participant families, teachers, UCLA Engineering faculty and staff are invited to this poster session, which is a catered event and brings the summer program to a close. Program participants interact with their audience as individuals move from one presentation to another. All program participants will receive certificates of completion. Some exceptional students will receive awards for: Best Individual Poster, Best Group Poster, Best Individual Presentation, Best Group Presentation.

Poster Symposium Pictures: 2013, 2012

Benefits of Program

  • Participate in Engineering Research with UCLA Faculty and Staff
  • Gain unique hands on engineering experience
  • Attend weekly presentations from the various fields of Engineering
  • Create a professional Scientific Poster of their research
  • Meet and network with peers who have similar goals and interests
  • Commute to UCLA or Experience University Residential Life
  • Become more competitive when applying to Engineering Schools
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HSSRP Alumni

Right: 2011 Group Shot on the beautiful UCLA Campus!
Bottom: 2010 Group Shot at the Rocket Launch!
Bottom-Right:2009 Group Shot at the Poster Symposium!

(restricted) Accepted Students Links: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Thank you Nicholas Endowment and the Henry Samueli Foundation for their generous funding for this program! The High School Summer Research Program's mission is to increase awareness and interest in the field of engineering.
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